The I AM meditation by Dr Wayne Dyer are the actual sounds of GOD reproduced with tuning forks. It translates the first 5 books of the Bible, the torah, into sounds that are very peaceful and soothing. I highly recommend listening to it the next time you meditate. Be careful because you might get hooked like I did. I first started listening to the divine sounds while living on the Big Island of Hawaii and now I can’t stop. It was produced alongside the book Wishes Fulfilled, which I highly recommend too, especially the audio book.

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Self Respect is extremely important for success.

If you are on the path to becoming more enlightened, developing self respect is essential.

If you do not believe in yourself or your capabilities it will be extremely difficult to do the things that you need to do to be successful.

One way to develop self respect is to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror.

Here’s a great exercise for you to do to develop more self respect.

Stare at yourself in the mirror for 10 minutes without stopping.

Focus on the area between your two eyebrows, sometimes referred to as the third eye.

If you have a uni-brow, stare at the center of it.

Try to still your mind and let your thoughts flow by.

Do this exercise for a week straight.

This is great for developing your self respect.

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Yesterday, I slipped and fell into this waterfall in Maui, Hawaii. I highly recommend that you are very careful when climbing around waterfalls. Luckily I survived this incident, but others may not be so lucky. Rocks are slippery around waterfalls. Never under-estimate the power of slippery rocks when combined with gravity.

Watch this video if you want to watch me bust my ass.

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The Science of Getting Rich is a great book! You can listen to it right here, right now!

This audio/book is not just about money. You should go ahead and watch it.

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When I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, it was the very first time I learned about passive income. Passive income is income that comes in whether you work or not. Without passive income, you can never be financially free. Without enough passive income to pay for all of your expenses, you can never retire.

Unfortunately, more and more people are “working to the grave”. I encourage you to watch listen to this video if you haven’t read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad yet.

This book is AWESOME! It taught me a lot about money. Rich people don’t work for money, they have money work for them.

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Do you want to know where our thoughts come from? If so watch this video.

Our thoughts come from our conditioning or programming that we have received over the period of our life, especially when we were kids. You have been conditioned for the exact level of success or non-success you currently enjoy or don’t enjoy.

If you want to change your results, in any area of your life, you must focus on re-conditioning or brainwashing yourself(in a good way, of course) to think thoughts that empower you instead of thoughts that limit you.

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What is the process of manifestation?

The process of manifestation is:

Your thoughts lead to your feelings which lead to your actions which lead to your results.
Your thoughts and your feelings are your inner world, your results are your outer world and action is the bridge that connects your outer world to your inner world.

If you want to improve the results in your life you must focus on improving your thoughts and feelings.

If you think, “life is a bitch, then you die :-( “, that sucks, because you will feel like a loser, you will do a bunch of sucky stuff and have a bad life. Boo!

If you think, “life is great! :-) “, you will feel like a champion, you will do a bunch of fulfilling stuff and you will have a great life. Yay!

The best part is, you get to choose your thoughts!

What kind of thoughts have you been entertaining?

Do your thoughts attract scarcity, mediocrity or abundance?

Where do your thoughts come from? I will cover this in my next video.

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If you don’t care, leave a message.

T Harv Eker explains the process of manifestation in more detail in his book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind“- Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth. I highly recommend it.

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Watch this video I made that will teach you how to succeed at anything in less than one minute.

Stay tuned. I am starting a 90-day challenge. What is the challenge?

I am going to make a video every day to share with you.

My mission in life is to help other people escape the rat race, now that I have cracked the code.

Please share this info with anyone you know that could benefit from this, it’s your duty.

If you knew the cure for cancer and you knew someone that had cancer, it would be your duty to share that.

If you have anything that you would like me to teach you, just ask.

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Check out this cool video I found about Michael Jordan’s success mindset. In the video he talks about some of the things that he has been able to do to be the greatest basketball player to ever play the game.

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Is this the best motivational video of all time? I enjoy watching videos like this from time-to-time.

I AM motivated by my family, my goals, my dreams, my mentors, and the success of the people I choose to work with as students.

Leave a comment below and share what motivates you.

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